Into The Light

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  1. as earth's solar system moves back into the light of the central sun, and as the new golden age of aquarius of 12/21/ draws near, light forces are bombarding the planet with high levels of 5d gamma light from the galactic core!
  2. "Into the Light offers immeasurable healing and inspiration of the heart and soul for those about to leave this earthly plane, and for their loved ones remaining as well as a blessing for us all as we witness science and spirituality divinely bridged. The encouraging reminder that each one of us on this planet serves a purpose, and that each circumstance is a teacher of love, offers Cited by: 3.
  3. In David Weber and Chris Kennedy's New York Times-bestselling science fiction epic Out of the Dark, Earth beat back an alien invasion. Now we've got to make sure they don't come back, in Into the Light. The Shongairi conquered Earth. In mere minutes, half the human race died, and our cities lay in shattered ruins.
  4. Into the Light strives to educate communities, churches, first-responders, and law-enforcement on understanding and identifying sex trafficking victims. Using the ENLIGHTENED presentation, our Juvenile Detention Outreach team educates high-risk children on avoiding the tricks and traps sex traffickers use to lure their victims.
  5. DR. Campbell's book "into the Light" is fantabulous. On a scale of 1 to 5, it is a It is a must read if you believe in alternative medicine. It is sad that we can't get the FDA to approve of this life-saving treatment. This treatment saved my mother's life when conventional medicine put her in the hospital 4 times within one by: 2.
  6. Into the Light believes that together we can rid the stigma facing teens and young adults. “This too shall pass.”. Yannah is a proud mom and currently runs her own business. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she worked in the mental health field as a social worker, therapist, and psychiatric hospital liaison.
  7. Welcome, Brothers and Sisters to Into the Light Ministries. An urgent plea: Click Here for more information about our CoronaVirus relief efforts: It is our goal that no one will leave here empty handed, but rather refreshed and satisfied with the scriptural truths they came in search of. Still, there are so many of you searching for answers.
  8. To qualify for inclusion into the GF as a Star Nation each civilization must reach a certain level of evolutionary cultural maturity. A Star Nation usually consists of a planet, or group of planets. Other confederations, unions, councils and alliances interact with the GF in a vast galactic network of Love and Light.
  9. CCITL. We are a local Calvary Chapel in La Habra, California. "If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and rthe blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin" - 1 John