Circus Carny

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  1. As the circus prepares to leave without the missing performer, they find the Carny's horse Sorrow, "so skin and bone", and kill it. The dwarfs Moses and Noah dig a ditch to bury it, later remarking "we should've dug a deeper one". When it begins to rain, the Carny's caravan is swept Post-punk.
  2. May 23,  · A carnival comes to a small town. Eighteen year old Donna meets Frankie and Patch, two carnival hustlers. They earn their living by mercilessly taunting spectators to try to dump one of them into the water by throwing balls. Donna is tired of her work as a /10(K).
  3. Carny, Circus, Sideshow & Vaudeville Lingo This list is just a small part of my e-book "On The Midway," guaranteed to give you many hours of delight, available for a very reasonable price HERE.
  4. Dec 07,  · On the carnival lot or in a circus tent, sound bounces, and if you talk too fast, the first word echoes over the following words. You lose power and intelligibility. So even now, off the carnival Author: Hernan Cortez.
  5. ANIMATED, Animatronics, CLOWNS, Carnival, Circus Carny, Carnies, Clown, Carnie Haunted House Props Halloween Decorations 1 - 23 of 23 items Sort By: Most Popular Title (A-Z) Title (Z-A) Price (low to high) Price (high to low).
  6. Circus Headache — A real ailment, named because prolonged exposure to the ammonia fumes generated by animal waste can cause splitting headaches. Circus Pole — Very early mass-produced candy hawked by candy butchers inside the tent. Stick candy, with a hard, brown, brittle outer layer and a soft coconut center.
  7. Carny is a drama film about a waitress who joins a traveling carnival. It stars Gary Busey, Jodie Foster, and Robbie Robertson. It also includes an early role for Fred Ward.
  8. CARNY – Someone who works in a carnival. The term is also applied to the carnival itself. It’s a term used by some in the business and disliked by others. CHUMPS – See RUBE, MARK.
  9. My departed uncle was a circus clown. After he died all his friends came to the funeral in one car. Is your dad a carnie (carnival worker) Because I want you sit to on my face while I try to guess your weight. Lets play circus, first sit on my face i'll guess ur weight and i'll eat the difference. The Juggler.